Canine Specialties

We specialize in working with dogs and families struggling with serious behavioral challenges. Veterinary referrals are given priority and usually scheduled within 7 days. Our work focuses not only on the problematic behaviors, but also their underlying causes. 

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fear, Anxiety and aggression

Our training focuses on changing the underlying emotions which are causing the behavioral problems, resulting in a more robust outcome, so your dog can be a trusted family member for the long term. We design a unique plan for each dog, combining exercises for focus, relaxation, impulse control, and confidence. 

Looking for Behavior Adjustment Training for fear, aggression, and reactivity?We are home to Minnesota's first and only certified BAT instructor (CBATI).




Behavior Wellness

Our Behavior Wellness program is specifically designed for puppies and newly adopted dogs to avoidance and early detection of common behavioral problems at key milestones during the dog's development. The most common issues are fear of  strangers, leash reactivity, and separation anxiety.

Our Wellness program addresses critical aspects of canine development, and is not found in typical obedience training programs.

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cooperative care

We use animal-friendly training techniques to engage your pet in his own health and veterinary care. Low-stress and cooperative procedures improve safety for your pet and his handlers, and also ensure that your pet will participate in future care.

Find us with participating veterinary clinic partners, or work with us at home - we'll also meet you at your clinic or groomer to help you advocate for your pet's care.                                       

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separation anxiety

Our separation anxiety program is delivered through a combination of in-home and video consultations so that we can provide an intense and effective program, while avoiding unnecessary travel fees. Although separation anxiety often requires a serious commitment, we use new technologies that have made the process easier, and the prognosis for resolution is very good.

Thinking of adopting a new dog or puppy? Ask us about separation anxiety prevention. 


Photo by Sarah Beth Photography

Photo by Sarah Beth Photography

Ethics Statement:

We make every attempt to avoid fear and force when working with our animals. We adhere to the Least Invasive Minimally Aversive model, and base our training methods in positive reinforcement applications.

About Your Consultant/Trainer

Katherine Grillaert specializes in aggressive, anxious, and fearful dogs and their people. She combines the science of applied behavior analysis with several years of experience working with challenging behavioral problems. It's not just about the dogs - it's also about the people - and Katie enjoys working together with pet families to reach their goals together.



B.S. Biology

M.Sc. Human-Animal Interactions (to be completed 2017)

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Certified Behavior Consultant Canine

Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor

Fear Free Certified Professional

Tierschutzqualifizierte HundetrainerInnen (Animal Welfare Qualified Dog Trainer; Government of Austria, Knowledge and Skills Test)


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