1st Canine Science Conference


Tempe, Arizona - Oct 6-8 2017

The 1st International Canine Science Conference is modeled after the international Canine Science Forum, held every two years in Europe. Now, you have a chance to plug into the latest canine research, without crossing the ocean. 

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54th Annual Conference of the Animal Behavior Society

Toronto, Canada - June 12-16

The Animal Behavior Society was founded in 1964 to promote the study of animal behavior in the broadest sense, including studies using descriptive and experimental methods under natural and controlled conditions. Current members' research activities span the invertebrates and vertebrates, both in the field and in the laboratory, and include experimental psychology, behavioral ecology, neuroscience, zoology, biology, applied ethology, and human ethology as well as many other specialized areas.

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Association of Professional Dog Trainers 2017 Conference

Richmond, Virginia - October 18-21, 2017

Come, sit, stay, and learn. The 2017 APDT Conference will offer a variety of opportunities to improve ourselves as trainers, as business people, and as an industry. From amazing keynote speakers to CE classes to ample opportunities to network and participate in peer-to-peer sharing, the 2017 APDT Conference in Richmond, Virginia is a dynamic event for serious dog-trainers who want to stay at the top of their game.

Animal Behavior Management Alliance Conference

Cincinnati, OH - April 23-28, 2017

The non-profit group Animal Behavior Management Alliance is hosting its next conference "Back to Basics: Crossing The Bridge Between Training and Conservation". Keynote speaker is Megan Parker, PhD, co-founder & Director of Research of Working Dogs for Conservation.

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5th Canine Science Symposium


San Francisco, California - Mar 11-12 2017

If you can travel for the weekend, there's an incredible line-up of speakers at the 5th Canine Science Symposium to discuss applied canine research.

The 5th Annual Canine Science Symposium brings the latest in cutting-edge canine behavior research to the Bay Area.  This is a must-attend event for dog training and behavior specialists, shelter and rescue professionals, and dog nerds of all stripes!

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